Wiesn-Tips from the Embassies: Just do not sleep at Kotzhügel!

Please do not sleep in the park and steal no jars

The Italian Embassy writes that there is beer only until 10.30 pm, and the British explain their new security concept with fence, pocket checks and backpack bans.

More detailed are the US-Americans, the most important notes also on the Facebook page of the Generalkonsulates in Munich published. It is emphasized here that measuring jugs are not allowed to be stolen or used as a weapon, and that dancing is permitted only on the beer banks, but not on the tables.

And an important warning is also: "Oktoberfest beer is stronger than you think."

The US tips for a "fun and safe" Wiesn at a glance

1. The wearing of costumes (traditional Bavarian clothes) at the Oktoberfest is welcome - and fun - but not prescribed. Note: many Traditionelle Dirndl have hidden bags, a great way to keep money, documents or contact information.

2. Munich is one of the safest cities in the world, but where there are masses of people, there are pockets of tash. And at the Oktoberfest, professionals are on the road. Keep your property in view - especially in public transport.

3. Do not bring any luggage, backpacks or large purse with you to Oktoberfest. Due to the safety precautions it is not allowed to take them to the Wiesn. This is similar to the security rules in US sports stadia. It may be that they are searched before entering the site.

4. Find out how to get back to your accommodation. Public transportation may take you all night, but it does not make sense if you do not know which subway or subway station you need, or how the name or address of your hotel is. Keep the information with you.

5. The police and the Red Cross are located in the "Service Center" (for Service C) next to the large statue of Bavaria.

6. There are emergency telephones, which are attached to lamps on Theresienwiese. If you use it, a policeman will report at the other end.

Oktoberfest beer is stronger than you think! And it is especially plentiful when you drink a "measure" (the 1-liter glass). A traditional measure on the Wiesn has the same alcohol content as four times 12-ounce American beer.

8. In the beer tents, it is allowed to stand on the benches and sing everything you want. Take part in singing! It is not allowed to dance on the tables.

9. Do not smoke in the tents. If you want to smoke, each tent has an outdoor smoking area.

10. Do not take the measuring jugs from the tents! There are great penalties if you do it anyway. If you want a souvenir, you can buy souvenir jugs at one of the stalls. Yes, the police can see the difference.

11. Avoid conflicts with other October visitors. If you are involved in a fight, you will be arrested. If you hit someone with a beer pitcher, this is an "attack with a deadly weapon" and usually leads to a prison sentence.

12. Do not sleep in the park outside the Wiesn. Taschendieben are always there in search of defenseless "Bierleichen".

13. The police can ask you at any time for their identification. Some policemen are not in uniform but in civilian clothes. Be sure to keep a copy of your passport. You can also ask the police for their service card, which are laminated cards and no badges.

14. When you speak to the police, you can always ask an English-speaking police officer. However, they have to expect them to be accompanied by the English-speaking policeman. This is usually the police station.

15. Theresienwiese has a fund office, which is located in the service center. Everything that is lost in the beer tents (Brieftaschen, passports, keys, cell phones, purse) is brought there. Note that there may be a lot of time between the loss of your items and the re-emergence.

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